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I created this blog with the primary intent of helping technical people to improve their careers with the help of Public Speaking. Most technical people have great difficulties talking in public, explaining their concepts to other people, going beyond numbers, code, and other technical stuff.
With this blog, I hope to help them find their style and improve their careers.
Other topics that will be covered include: Human Interactions, Personal Branding, Storytelling, and Diversity & Inclusion.

How Can I Help You?

I'm a skilled professional with more than 30 years of experience. I've published my first commercial software when I was 17. I was a game developer, consultant, PM, ALM & DevOps expert, trainer (MCT since 2000). At some point of my career, I also managed a team of 20 people.
I'm an active part of the development community in Italy and abroad since 2003. Before joining Microsoft, I was a Microsoft MVP.
There are many ways I could help you, your community, or your company:


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Envisioning & Design

Do you want to host an interactive event inside your company where a topic (like Generative AI, Copilot, Application Innovation, DevOps, and more...) is presented, then we can delve into your requirements and finally design an architecture?
I've a proven track of records, with multiple customers and partners.
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Public Speaking

Do you need Public Speaking training?
I can hold private workshops for a company or a group of people.

Diversity & Inclusion

I'm an ally for people belonging to underrepresented or marginalized groups. If you need help, scroll down and let me know, you're my priority!


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In Italian, Genio Del Male means Evil Genius, a nickname that a friend gave me many years ago. was my blog since 2003. It went into many platforms; at some point, I stopped updating it, but now it's back to life. I tried to restore most of its content from all the platforms, and I use it now to post about all the stuff not related to Public Speaking and Human Interactions in general.